Israel Adesanya regains top spot as middleweight rankings undergo a significant change, leading to questions about Alex Pereira’s fall

Israel Adesanya has regained his title as the middleweight champion in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The victory at UFC 287 saw him defeating his rival, Alex Pereira, via a stunning knockout, bringing him the title for the second time.

The two MMA champions, Adesanya and Pereira, have now won one game each in their MMA series. Pereira still holds a lead of 3-1 when the two kickboxing bouts are taken into account.

Adesanya’s triumph has steered him back into the number one position at 185 pounds on MMA Fighting’s Global Rankings, with first-place votes coming from all eight members of the panel. Although Pereira’s MMA record is limited, he deserves to maintain a high rank in the MMA rankings.

Should Pereira be ranked lower than number three, considering his fight against Adesanya? The opinions were divided among voters, with Pereira ranking from second to fifth places. After much contemplation, “Poatan” Pereira ranked at number three, with UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker occupying second place.

Some voters thought Pereira deserved a higher or lower rank, and the poll was open for them to vote for their favored ranking.


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