Masvidal refutes Burns’ accusation of greasing, emphasizing his integrity and denying any cheating

Jorge Masvidal, a recently retired UFC welterweight, has refuted Gilbert Burns’ allegations that he cheated during their UFC 287 bout. Burns had accused Masvidal of applying lotion to his skin before the fight, thereby making it harder for Burns to grapple him. However, Masvidal denies this accusation and reiterates that he has never cheated or engaged in any unethical practices during his entire career.

Masvidal points to the fact that he has never been caught for doping or cheating and has even had referees monitoring him during fights, which makes it difficult for him to cheat. Masvidal also highlighted his clean record of competition, including never having taken steroids or missed weight.

Masvidal argues that Burns should blame his poor technique for not being able to do more in the fight rather than accusing him of cheating. Despite Burns completing four takedowns and spending significant time in control of Masvidal on the canvas, Masvidal disputes the accusation that he applied lotion to his skin.

According to UFC stats, Masvidal managed to make it back to his feet but was held to 39 significant strikes to his opponent’s 42. Burns has claimed that he could have finished the fight if Masvidal had not been so slippery. However, Masvidal insists that he did not cheat and that Burns should not try to slander his name.

Masvidal had announced his retirement from the sport after the fight and did not appear at the post-event press conference to answer Burns’ accusations. However, he has since defended his actions and integrity in interviews. Masvidal’s clean record of competition, both inside and outside the octagon, has been a point of pride for him. Despite suffering four straight UFC setbacks, he maintains that he competes fairly and ethically.


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