Gilbert Burns expresses regret to Jorge Masvidal regarding greasing accusations made during UFC 287

Gilbert Burns is expressing remorse for his post-fight comments after UFC 287. Following his victory, Burns accused Jorge Masvidal of greasing during their matchup, suggesting that Masvidal put lotion on his body then showered and repeated the process to make his body feel more slippery.

Burns now recognizes that he made a mistake, stating that he was caught up in the moment and accusing Masvidal was not his intention. Burns has since apologized to Masvidal and his team and accepts Masvidal’s denial of any wrongdoing.

Burns is more upset with himself for failing to secure a finish in the fight, which was his goal to make a louder statement and potentially secure a title shot. Despite not getting the finish, Burns acknowledges that Masvidal is a “freaking legend” who fought until the final horn, impressing Burns with his toughness and fighting skill.

Burns attempted numerous takedowns and was successful in his attempts, dominating the fight and is ultimately happy with his performance, acknowledging that he faced a lot of pressure in the arena with the crowd booing him. Burns recognizes that Masvidal was a tough opponent to put away and is content with his unanimous decision victory.


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