KSI reveals self-imposed pressure to beat Joe Fournier after taunting Jake Paul over Tommy Fury defeat

KSI envisions a chance to become the premier name in influencer boxing. After Jake Paul’s debut loss to boxer and reality TV star Tommy Fury in February. KSI himself faces an imminent test against the more seasoned Joe Fournier on May 13 at Misfits Boxing 7, and he recognizes that the fans’ eyes will be glued to him on fight night after taunting Paul.

At the Misfits Boxing press conference on Thursday, KSI admitted, “When it comes to Jake Paul, obviously I just don’t like the guy, so when he lost, you saw me make a video laughing at him, etc. But I know there’s a lot of pressure on me now. I put the burden on myself, especially doing something like that, there’s going to be a lot of individuals watching, even people who hate or love me, will be watching to see if the same outcome happens. And I want to be the person to make sure it doesn’t happen.

“People sometimes forget that I started as a YouTuber, fell in love with boxing, and just worked on my craft. I’m here now fighting someone with a 9-0 professional record. It’s astounding how my life has come together, but I genuinely believe in myself. I have this intrinsic motivation to not lose, and even if I’m getting beaten, I will find something within myself to keep going. I’m not someone who just plays around and says, ‘Maybe I’ve lost, but I’ll just make sure I don’t get knocked out.’ No, I don’t care about getting knocked out.”

KSI has had a dramatic start to his boxing career, facing Logan Paul twice, initially in an amateur bout resulting in a draw and then in a professional rematch that KSI won by split decision. He then won three exhibition bouts by knockout. Fournier, with a 9-0 professional record, will be KSI’s most skilled rival to date.

Paul encountered a similar obstacle when he battled Fury after a succession of victories versus lesser-skilled MMA fighters. Seeing Paul lose, KSI believes he’ll dodge the same pitfall.

KSI remarked, “I think reality settled in. I believe there was a lot of hype surrounding Jake Paul, but when he lost to Tommy Fury, everyone realized Jake isn’t that good.


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