Jorge Masvidal acknowledges retirement decision due to declining performance his speed is not the same

Jorge Masvidal announced his retirement from MMA following his loss to Gilbert Burns at UFC 287. Although retirement had been on the cards for some time, Masvidal had hoped that a win over Burns might have given him the chance to settle a rivalry with Leon Edwards, and he wanted to see if his recent struggles were due to injury or a lack of fitness. However, he admits that his performance was not what he had hoped for and that his best fighting days are behind him.

Masvidal, who has had a 20-year MMA career, has now turned his attention to promoting the sport, including overseeing a Gamebred Boxing card earlier this month, promoting bare-knuckle MMA in Florida, and other business ventures. He says he will always practice martial arts, but will no longer fight at the highest level.


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