Robert Whittaker advocates for a third fight with Israel Adesanya, stating that he will continuously pursue him

Robert Whittaker eagerly awaits his chance to get redemption against Israel Adesanya, following two championship losses. Whittaker had hoped to face Alex Pereira, Adesanya’s latest opponent, for the middleweight title. However, Adesanya’s recent victory means Whittaker’s future is unclear. He remains positive and is committed to pursuing his goal.

Whittaker is keen to fight Adesanya again and hopes to take back the belt in their next fight. He is confident that, with his improved mindset and skills, he will win the third match. Despite some confusion surrounding Whittaker’s reaction to Adesanya’s recent win, Whittaker clarified that he was thrilled with the result, as it made him even more motivated to fight Adesanya.

However, Whittaker admits that he did not anticipate so many fighters calling out Adesanya after the fight, stating that he feels mainstream and would prefer to avoid joining the crowd. Ultimately, Whittaker remains dedicated to his goal and is eagerly awaiting his next opportunity to take on Adesanya.


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