Max Holloway responds to critics who think he’s finished after third defeat to Alexander Volkanovski, saying “You guys must have forgotten”

In spite of his third loss against Alexander Volkanovski, Max Holloway is still hopeful for a fourth fight against the UFC featherweight champion. Ahead of his upcoming fight against Arnold Allen, Holloway responded to those who think he is no longer in the title picture or that his prime is over. Rather, he is committed to proving his doubters wrong, saying he has more to show on Saturday.

Holloway acknowledges that it won’t be an easy feat to defeat Volkanovski with a 0-3 record against him. However, he remains hopeful, citing Israel Adesanya’s victory over Alex Pereira at UFC 287 as inspiration. If Adesanya can beat a fighter who defeated him three times before, Holloway believes that anything is possible in MMA.

Having been a professional fighter for almost thirteen years and having fought 30 times, Holloway is well aware of the ups and downs that come with an MMA career. While it can be challenging to recover after a loss, Holloway emphasizes the importance of time, patience, and dedication in the sport. He is determined to make this fight a great one, as he believes that he is only as good as his last fight.

Addressing those who question his place in the division, Holloway clarifies that he is not fighting for a paycheck or because he is standing on his last legs. He sees this fight against Allen, a top featherweight and a No. 5 contender, as an opportunity to prove himself and eventually become the champion again. To be the best, he acknowledges that one must beat the best, and Holloway is confident that he is “Blessed” to be the best.


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