Shane Burgos altered his focus and now competes in PFL as a professional fighter for a substantial payout

Shane Burgos made the move to the Professional Fighters League (PFL) with the hope of competing for the $1 million prize in the PFL finals. The decision to sign with PFL rather than returning to UFC was about more than just the prospect of a reward. After being faced with the same decision a few years earlier.

Burgos had decided to stay with the UFC despite money not being the driving factor in his decision. However, things have changed significantly since then. Burgos has become more focused on the financial aspects of his career, and this was a major factor in his decision to sign with PFL.

Burgos’ manager Malki Kawa played an important role in his decision-making process. Kawa helped him to realize that he is not just a UFC fighter, but a “prize fighter.” He reminded him that he should be fighting for a purpose, for a “bag,” and not just peanuts.

This became a pivotal moment for Burgos, who was at a critical point in his career as he had reached free agency following the end of his previous contract with UFC. Burgos’ primary motivation for signing with PFL was the “phenomenal” financial deal he was offered.

Burgos is confident that by the end of the tournament, he will have a lot of money in his bank account. Burgos felt that the PFL was offering him the financial rewards he deserved as a professional fighter.

Now that he has signed with PFL, Burgos is more than happy with his decision. He realizes that he is still facing tough competition, with no guarantees of success. The PFL features world-class fighters in both the 145 and 155-pound weight classes, and he is not taking his opponents lightly.

Burgos is putting his body on the line for this sport, and he is determined to ensure that his efforts are worth it. He does not fight to win points, but rather to put his blood, sweat, and tears into the fight. Burgos knows that he will face tough opponents in the PFL, but he is ready to take on the challenge.

Burgos’ decision to leave the UFC was not taken lightly, and he was happy to receive a call from UFC President Dana White who expressed regret about the organization not trying harder to keep him. Burgos is grateful to have left the UFC on good terms and to be appreciated for the fights and the show he put on for them.


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