Brasil aspired to emulate Marta in soccer, but found solace in MMA instead at UFC Kansas City

Bruna Brasil, a UFC Kansas City newcomer, recounts her journey from aspiring soccer player to professional MMA fighter. Growing up in Paranavai, Brasil had dreams of following in the footsteps of Brazilian soccer legend Marta, and found success as a teenager with Foz Cataratas, a prominent soccer club in Brazil. However, after being released from her contract and struggling to make ends meet, she decided to pursue a career in accounting and left soccer behind.

Still seeking competition in her life, Brasil began taking kickboxing classes, where she found a new passion for martial arts. Although she admits to struggling with her first MMA fight and not understanding the intricacies of professional records, she persevered and continued training, eventually clinching her first MMA win in 2017.

Despite some setbacks, including a knee injury that left her out of the game for a year, Brasil pressed on and moved to Rio de Janeiro in 2019 to fully commit to her MMA career. Now, she’s set to make her official octagon debut in a strawweight bout against Denise Gomes at UFC Kansas City.

Brasil reflects on her journey thus far, acknowledging the frustration and disappointment she faced in her early soccer days, but also recognizing the importance of martial arts in helping her find peace and redemption.


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