DC shows apprehension for Nate Diaz in Jake Paul bout, advising him to avoid right hook

Daniel Cormier, a former UFC fighter, is hoping that Nate Diaz will not underestimate Jake Paul in their upcoming boxing match on August 5th in Dallas. Diaz, a UFC veteran of 15 years, will be making his professional boxing debut against Paul, a YouTuber-turned-boxer who has made it a habit of defeating MMA stars.

Cormier outlined several potential hazards Diaz should be aware of when he enters the ring with “The Problem Child.” Cormier has concerns about the potential size difference between Diaz and Paul, with the latter being the larger fighter. Additionally, Paul has shown improvement in his boxing skills and has the ability to land significant blows on his opponents.

Diaz is known for his toughness and ability to absorb strikes, but he has been hit hard in previous bouts, most notably against Masvidal and Ferguson. Cormier noted that if Diaz is going to have any chance of winning the fight, he will need to outwork Paul since the latter has shown a tendency to fatigue in previous bouts.

Diaz will need to establish a high pace early on and maintain it throughout the fight, while also avoiding Paul’s right hand. Despite Cormier’s concerns, Diaz possesses numerous attributes that could benefit him in this match-up. Diaz has built his reputation on entertaining bouts that showcase his striking ability, scrambling, and taunting opponents.

Diaz is also known for his durability, enduring the entire fight in all but three of his 34 fights. Diaz parted ways with UFC last September after he completed his contract with a win against Ferguson.

Cormier believes that Diaz has a shot at upsetting Paul, but he is aware of the larger, younger fighter’s attributes. Paul has not been through the grueling fights that Diaz has endured in his UFC career and is fresher as a result.

Cormier believes that Paul’s size and freshness could be the biggest challenges Diaz has to overcome in this fight. Although Cormier is nervous about the outcome, he is happy that Diaz has the opportunity to fight and earn a significant amount of money.

Paul may not be considered a “real” fighter by some, but he has proven that he is a legitimate fighter in his own right. The upcoming bout between Diaz and Paul will demonstrate whether Paul can rise to the challenge or whether Diaz can upset the apple cart.


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