Professional fighters express disbelief over Joselyne Edwards’ controversial split decision victory at UFC Kansas City after learning judges do not watch fights

The opening bout of UFC Kansas City did not start off smoothly. Bantamweights, Joselyne Edwards and Lucie Pudilova, fought during the event held at T-Mobile Center. Edwards managed to secure a split decision victory, even though Pudilova had established her grappling moves effectively on Edwards, who spent much of the three-round bout on her back while she was defending herself.

Even before the announcer could declare the winner, Daniel Cormier, who was commenting on the match, declared Pudilova the winner, however, he opposed the decision made by the judges soon after Edwards’ hand was raised. 

Several others also voiced their opinions regarding the fight’s outcome, such as Pudilova’s coach, John Kavanagh, and other professional MMA fighters, who expressed their dismay on social media.

The judgments made on this match marks the start of an event that is already marred by judging errors, and it is expected that rectifications should be made to avoid discrediting the winners of future matches.


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