Dana White, president of the UFC, expressed dissatisfaction with Arnold Allen’s trainers, citing their lack of urgency in guiding him during his loss to Max Holloway at UFC Kansas City

UFC President Dana White believes that Arnold Allen did not perform to his full potential during his fight with Max Holloway. Although there is no shame in losing to Holloway, White believes that Allen could have won if he had been more aggressive earlier in the fight.

Allen’s 10-fight unbeaten streak in the UFC came to an end after Holloway won by unanimous decision. Allen’s coaches pushed him to leave it all in the cage during the final round when he got more aggressive and threw everything in his arsenal to look for the knockout. However, Holloway made him pay with a late knockdown just before the final horn sounded.

White believes that Allen will probably be kicking himself when he re-watches the performance and that Allen’s coaches deserve some of the blame for not lighting a fire under him earlier in the fight. Despite the outcome, White praised Allen for giving Holloway everything he could handle while dealing with a hostile crowd in his first main event.

White believes that Allen poured it on too late and that there were a lot of mistakes made in the corner. Holloway won the fight and White thinks that Allen could have fought a different fight had he stepped it up a little sooner.


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