Max Holloway, prior to UFC Kansas City, faced criticism regarding his age and is now looking to fight the Korean Zombie

Max Holloway, one of the top fighters in the featherweight division of the UFC, recently faced Arnold Allen in his 27th UFC fight. Comprising one of his four losses in the last ten years, he was at risk of being overshadowed by Allen in the featherweight hierarchy. However, Holloway ensured that he maintained his position as the second-best fighter in the world at 145 pounds by serving Allen his first UFC loss.

At the post-fight press conference, Holloway responded to questions asking him about the disrespect and criticism thrown at him about his age and fitness. He correctly pointed out that he had heard similar things before and that the public loves to have someone to hate, further adding that half of the critics have probably never competed in the ring themselves.

Having won, Holloway now faces a new set of challenges – while he deprived Allen of his chances to be the UFC champion, he himself is no closer to winning yet another title. The UFC matchmakers face a conundrum in dealing with his win. A possible solution would be to have Holloway move up the weight class and fight against Poirier, though no decisions have been made on this front.

Holloway expressed an interest in fighting “The Korean Zombie,” a veteran opponent who he has yet to share the octagon with. Holloway added that it’s time to push forward and get more fights.


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