Max Holloway rebounds with classic display, defeating Arnold Allen in UFC Kansas City competition

Max Holloway demonstrated yet again that he remains one of the top featherweights in the sport, despite losing the title. He put on an impressive performance against Arnold Allen in the UFC Kansas City main event, reminding everyone that he is not going anywhere.

Many were starting to wonder if Holloway was ready to hand over the baton to the next batch of contenders after Alexander Volkanovski defeated him for the third time. However, Holloway silenced those doubts, scoring a unanimous decision victory over Allen after five gruelling rounds of fighting.

In the closing seconds of the fight, Holloway landed a late flurry, leading to a knockdown on Allen just before the bout’s end. The judges scored the fight at 49-46, 49-47, and 48-47 in favour of Holloway, putting him back into the featherweight title picture.

When asked about his opponent’s skills, Holloway remarked that Arnold Allen hits like a truck, and his modeling career was now in jeopardy thanks to him. Holloway was pleased with how the fight was a replica of his bout with Ricardo Lamas.

Max was quick to start laying punches, deploying his signature volume striking attack and firing off two to three shots in succession. Arnold Allen fired back with a left hook early in the opening round, which Holloway shrugged off and continued firing back. Despite Allen’s aggression and attempts to connect with power, Holloway displayed superior speed and slick combinations, with Allen chasing him.

As the second round approached its end, Holloway’s focus shifted to body shots, including a straight punch followed by a brutal kick that echoed throughout the arena. Holloway’s superior speed and variety of strikes enabled him to land consistent heavy blows, with his body shots gradually tiring Allen out.

During the fifth and final round, Allen’s coaches encouraged him to go all-out to prevent the fight from going to the judge’s scorecards. Allen was aggressive, hitting Holloway with a few strikes, but Holloway was eager to step into those exchanges and snap off counter strikes that continued to pop Allen in the mouth. Allen saw his rib cage lit up with kicks, but he still aimed for a knockout.

Despite losing, Allen praised Holloway, acknowledging his long career and status as being among the best in the world, inspiring him. Beating Allen eliminated another possible featherweight contender for Holloway as he awaits the match between Volkanovski and Yair Rodriguez later this year.


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