Korean Zombie accepts Holloway’s challenge with ‘anytime, anywhere’ response

Talented featherweight fighters “The Korean Zombie” and Max Holloway may finally be facing each other in an upcoming bout. This possibility comes after Holloway called out Jung in a respectful manner. Jung responded to the callout via video and expressed his enthusiasm for the potential match.

Since a TKO loss to the featherweight champion in April 2022, Jung has been on the shelf recuperating from injuries. However, despite his previous concerns about retirement, he aims to compete once more in his homeland of South Korea.

During an interview on Saturday, Holloway expressed reverence for Jung and his career. “That is the only guy in my time with the older guys that I didn’t get to fight,” he confessed. “I’m kind of tripping out, how didn’t we fight yet?…We came up in the same era and we didn’t fight each other, so if that’s it, that’s it.”

Both fighters gained star status within the UFC’s featherweight division in the 2010s, but a booking to face each other never materialized. However, if both their health allows, the upcoming fight night could feature a bout between two respected veterans of UFC competition.


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