Rob Font thinks Sean O’Malley will benefit from his long hiatus before competing for the UFC championship

Rob Font was an underdog at UFC 287 and felt overlooked by his opponent Adrian Yanez, who seemed more focused on facing Sean O’Malley. Font sensed that Yanez was not taking him seriously and felt like he was being looked past. Despite being portrayed as the underdog in the media, Font knew his worth and the work he had put in.

Font shocked everyone by delivering a highlight-reel knockout in the first round and showed that he belongs among the top ranks in the bantamweight division. Font hopes to fight against high-ranking opponents like Marlon Vera or Petr Yan, but understands that he may have to settle for a matchup against someone coming off a loss.

Font is patient and ready for any challenge that comes his way. Font even has an ideal future matchup against Yan in Boston in 2023. However, he is aware that there are still fighters ahead of him in the bantamweight pecking order and that O’Malley is likely to be the next in line.

Font expects O’Malley to wait for his title shot rather than take on another fight to avoid any unnecessary bumps and bruises. Font believes that a year off from fighting can be beneficial for some fighters, including himself and O’Malley.

It gives them time to train and improve while keeping their bodies healthy. He knows that a year can go by quickly, with the constant stream of UFC events. Overall, Font is excited to see where his career takes him next and is ready to face any challenge that comes his way.


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