Edson Barboza and Billy Quarantillo shared a heartwarming backstage moment after Barboza’s impressive knockout victory at UFC Kansas City

In a spectacular performance at UFC Kansas City, Edson Barboza achieved a powerful knockout and then partook in a touching moment with his opponent following the fight. The Brazilian featherweight delivered the most thrilling finish of the event on Saturday by dealing Billy Quarantillo a devastating knee, just two and a half minutes into the opening round, resulting in his ninth KO victory in his UFC career.

However, Quarantillo’s disappointment was overtaken by mutual respect when he and Barboza encountered each other backstage, and the two shared a friendly hug. During their interaction, Quarantillo expressed his admiration for Barboza’s career, to which the UFC veteran jokingly replied by saying, “I’m too old.” Quarantillo then responded, “You’re still knocking out people.”

Barboza, in turn, graciously responded, “God bless you. All the best.” Quarantillo’s good humor remained even after the fight, as he took to Twitter to apologize to his fans who had bet on him, tweeting, “Damn, that’s what getting knocked out in the UFC feels like… sorry about your parlays y’all.”

The emotional moment between Barboza and Quarantillo exemplifies the profound respect and camaraderie that exists in the world of mixed martial arts, showing how even after fierce competition, fighters can still recognize and appreciate one another’s efforts and accomplishments.


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