Jose Aldo expressed regret for his reaction after the fight with Conor McGregor and reveals that fighting Floyd Mayweather is unlikely

The tension between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor has dissolved since their heated post-fight press conference in Milwaukee. Aldo explained that he had misinterpreted McGregor’s comments following his boxing draw with Jeremy Stephens earlier this month at Gamebred Boxing.

A reporter had asked Aldo for his thoughts on McGregor’s comments without giving him time to review them. Consequently, Aldo became angry and launched into a profanity-laden tirade against McGregor. However, after apologising to McGregor and watching the footage again, he realised that he had misunderstood McGregor’s intentions, and the two fighters are now on good terms.

Aldo said he considered McGregor a friend and was open to the idea of training with him in Ireland to improve his boxing skills. Despite being a successful former MMA fighter and a recent boxing debutant, Aldo is keen to learn from the best in the boxing world. This is evident from his discussions about a potential exhibition bout with Floyd Mayweather in Saudi Arabia.

While negotiations were ongoing, Aldo now has other plans, including fighting on a future Gamebred Boxing card later this year or a match in Saudi Arabia in July against an as-yet-unnamed professional boxer.

Aldo sees these fights as opportunities to build his boxing career and gain much-needed experience before taking on bigger challenges. With his manager, Ali Abdelaziz, Aldo is carefully considering his options and weighing up the right opponents and weight class for future fights.


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