Matt Brown’s skepticism towards Nate Diaz’s chances against Jake Paul, labeling him ‘very hittable’

The highly-anticipated fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz is expected to garner a lot of attention, but there are mixed views on its competitiveness. With a 6-1 record, including wins over UFC legends Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley, Paul has built a respectable boxing career. However, his most recent split decision loss to Tommy Fury raised some concerns. Meanwhile, Diaz has 34 fights under his belt but has never actually competed in a professional boxing fight.

Diaz will also be going up against Paul at 185 pounds, a weight class he has never fought in previously. Despite his boxing prowess, UFC welterweight Matt Brown believes that Diaz’s smaller size will be a disadvantage, making it difficult for him to win. However, he also acknowledges that Diaz’s advantage lies in his high cardio levels. Diaz is predicted to lose the fight, indicated by the odds stacked against him as the underdog.

One aspect that may work in Paul’s favor is his size. Although he and Diaz have similar height and reach measurements, Paul is simply the bigger and more powerful of the two. His impressive right hook has knocked out fighters that are naturally welterweight, such as Woodley and Ben Askren. This may pose a problem for a fighter like Diaz, who is used to having the height advantage in fights.

Brown is of the opinion that the real draw of the fight is not the fight itself but the hype around it, pointing to the press conferences and the lead-up to the main event as the real spectacle. Despite the uncertainty about the fight’s outcome, Diaz is set to earn a hefty paycheck for his participation in the fight. He will even serve as co-promoter on the card, with boxers typically receiving the lion’s share of the profits from these events.

Although the odds may be against him, Diaz’s impressive payout is likely to balance things out. The buildup to the fight is predicted to be the real attraction, much like the McGregor vs. Mayweather bout, with Brown saying that the events leading up to the fight will be more exciting than the fight itself. Ultimately, only time will tell how this much-hyped match will play out.


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