The coach expressed that Khabib Nurmagomedov had worries regarding Islam Makhachev’s upcoming match against Alexander Volkanovski.

As per the veteran coach of the former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, Islam Makhachev had a challenging time dealing with Alexander Volkanovski. Nurmagomedov had proclaimed Makhachev as his successor in the lightweight category after his retirement in 2020.

Makhachev managed to win the 155-pound title last year by triumphing over Charles Oliveira at UFC 280. Post the victory, with Nurmagomedov’s help, he called out Volkanovski for his first title defense in Australia. However, due to personal reasons, Nurmagomedov couldn’t participate as a coach or training partner in Makhachev’s training sessions. He had withdrawn from MMA to concentrate on his family.

Nevertheless, Nurmagomedov continued to support his friend and teammate’s aspirations for success, and his concerns were revealed by coach Javier Mendez during a recent interview. Mendez stated that Nurmagomedov was worried about Makhachev’s fight against Volkanovski, and this concern was raised multiple times to him.

Nurmagomedov had reportedly mentioned that Volkanovski is a tough fighter and expressed concerns over the fight’s outcome. Mendez reassured Nurmagomedov that he wasn’t worried and confidently stated that they would win the fight. Makhachev and Volkanovski fought at UFC 284, with the former earning a unanimous decision after a grueling back-and-forth battle, which some thought Volkanovski should have won.

For now, talk of a rematch is in the early stages, and the featherweight champion Volkanovski has other fights to attend to at his weight class. Nevertheless, Mendez revealed that both Makhachev and his team are interested in a rematch, and if it happens, it would be a significant event.


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