Bill Algeo provides insight on his UFC Kansas City win and subsequent controversial statement about locals

Bill Algeo, a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan, used his post-fight speech following his recent UFC win against T.J. Brown to get back at the Kansas City Chiefs after the Eagles lost to them in Super Bowl LVII. After taking home Fight of the Night honors, Algeo removed his gloves as if to announce his retirement, but instead delivered a speech aimed directly at the crowd in Kansas City.

Algeo quipped that he would never retire in a “dump” like Kansas City and proceeded to make fun of the crowd, even attempting to start an Eagles chant but being unsure if the Kansas City crowd could spell the name. Algeo confirmed that his post-fight speech had been planned, and that he wanted to see how angry he could make the crowd with his antics.

Algeo’s nickname, “Senor Perfecto,” was adapted from the WWE character “Mr. Perfect” portrayed by Curt Hennig. Despite expecting some backlash from the crowd, Algeo surprisingly managed to get them back on his side by offering them his gloves and shirt.

Overall, Algeo is pleased with his win and is looking to keep that momentum going in future fights, hoping to build on his record of 3-1 over his past four fights since joining the UFC roster in 2020.


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