Jake Paul proposes KSI as his understudy for Nate Diaz boxing fight; Diaz gives his reaction

The highly anticipated boxing match between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul may be at risk due to Diaz’s recent legal troubles. Diaz was accused of choking out Rodney Petersen, who resembled Logan Paul, during a brawl that went viral over the weekend. The incident led to an arrest warrant issued by the New Orleans police for the charge of second degree battery, a felony that could result in up to eight years in prison or a $2,000 fine, or both.

Diaz is expected to face Paul in August, the situation could cause problems, leading Paul and KSI to set up a backup plan if Diaz is unable to compete. Jake Paul and KSI, two of the most prominent influencers in the boxing world, quickly communicated and set up a provisional fight between themselves if Diaz cannot perform in August.

KSI promised that he would participate as Paul’s replacement if Diaz is unavailable, and Paul accepted his offer as a primary backup fighter. While Diaz has yet to comment on the situation, he mocked Paul and KSI’s response and called for them to fight each other if they feel too scared to face real opponents.

Despite these public moves by the boxing community, it is expected that the Diaz-Paul fight will still take place, as scheduled, on August 5th in Dallas. It remains one of the most highly anticipated fights in combat sports, and both Diaz and Paul have targeted each other for some time. As of now, the fight is still set to occur and will be promoted by Diaz’s Real Fight Inc. and Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions.


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