Kay Hansen discusses unveiling her alleged sexual assault by her father during her teenage years in her latest documentary

Kay Hansen, a former UFC fighter and current Invicta FC fighter, has shared her story in an emotional documentary produced by Invicta’s Diary series. The documentary recounts her tumultuous upbringing, where she experienced sexual assault by her father as a teenager, leaving her to find solace in mixed martial arts.

Hansen shared her thoughts on the decision to make public her story on social media, stating that the documentary was an important milestone for her as an individual, not just as a fighter. With her career in the public eye for years, Hansen acknowledged that everyone has a story behind the facade.

Hansen describes fighting and training as her escape route from a terrible reality that she had no control over. In a November 2021 interview with MMA Fighting, Hansen revealed that she had been battling an eating disorder, which led her to withdraw from a scheduled bout with Jasmine Jasudavicius at UFC 270.

Hansen briefly revealed that she had been sexually assaulted and raped by a close relative from the age of sixteen to nineteen; however, at that time, she did not disclose her father’s identity as the alleged perpetrator.

Hansen has now publicized her story in the documentary to inspire others with similar stories. She explained how for a long time, the fear of the aftermath prevented her from speaking up. She hopes that by sharing her story, those who have gone through, or are currently experiencing, such trauma will also find the courage to speak up.

Hansen believes that sexual abuse is a widespread issue that is often ignored, and survivors suffer in silence. She urges those who are traumatized to seek help, reminding them that they are not alone and that help is available to heal and find peace.

Hansen expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to share her experience and to inspire courage in others, through her sport’s platform. She appreciates how the documentary depicted her story and thanks each person involved.

Hansen has re-signed with Invicta in 2022 after going 1-3 in the UFC. Currently, she is recovering from an injury and hopes to return to the Invicta cage later this year. The documentary of Kay Hansen is available on Invicta’s Diary series.

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