Paddy Pimblett expresses disappointment towards fan response to Jared Gordon vs. Bobby Green fight

Paddy Pimblett, a highly controversial yet prominent UFC fighter, expressed frustration over the MMA community’s reaction to Bobby Green vs. Jared Gordon match at UFC Vegas 71. Jared Gordon, who suffered a terrible loss from Pimblett last year, was expected to face Green in a rematch but ended up in a no-contest match due to a headbutt clash.

Pimblett questioned why Gordon’s fight was labeled ‘bad luck’ when he already won against Santos before and was expected to bag another win before the clash with Green. Furthermore, Pimblett has had his fair share of controversial matches, including a challenged win over Julian Erosa.

Pimblett revealed that he would have lost the fight using the current scoring system, given Erosa’s superior striking ability compared to Pimblett’s dominant grappling moves. As for Jared Gordon, it remains uncertain when he’ll get to fight Pimblett again, as he is currently eyeing a rematch with Green.

Pimblett’s recent foot surgery also adds to the uncertainty of his return. While he believes that he won against Gordon during their last match, he admits that Gordon held the upper hand during the third round, which was a key factor in the judges’ decision.

In other news, UFC’s Nate Diaz was charged with second-degree battery, causing an arrest warrant issued against him. Former UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar also passed away due to accidental fentanyl overdose, and Bobby Green called out commentator Paul Felder for criticizing his UFC Vegas 71 match. Conor McGregor also predicted that Nate Diaz would beat Jake Paul.


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