Arnold Allen’s hand injury and recent defeat signal his probable absence from UFC London in July

Arnold Allen’s participation in the upcoming UFC event in London is becoming increasingly unlikely. Despite achieving a knockout victory over Dan Hooker in his home country of England, Allen has been unable to compete in the past two events hosted in the country due to injuries and poor timing. Now, after a tough loss to Max Holloway at UFC Kansas City, Allen may have a potentially broken left hand that has yet to be officially diagnosed. Even if the diagnosis is not as severe as anticipated, Allen is unlikely to participate in the London event due to the short recovery time.

Allen revealed that he has undergone an x-ray but is still waiting for the results. The left hand, which he had injured early on during his fight with Holloway, has caused him discomfort and requires painkillers for the pain. Allen is unsure whether his hand is broken or merely swollen, but he has joked about signing a contract and competing in boxing gloves for an hour.

Although he would love to fight at the London event and perform in front of his home crowd, the lingering injuries from his previous fights have made him reconsider. Allen desires a complete physical recovery and does not want to risk further injury or suffer another loss so soon after his previous one.

Allen’s past experiences have reminded him of the importance of proper recovery time. In his fight against Hooker, Allen was carrying an untreated broken hand and experienced further damage during that fight. He continued to participate which was followed by another fight at six weeks after that with no sparring. This experience is not one that Allen wishes to repeat.

Instead, Allen wants to enter his next fight at 100 percent physical health, especially if he hopes to prove to his critics that he is a top-tier fighter. He does not want to rush his comeback and risk compromising his abilities to give his all in any future fights.

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