Bisping responds to Diaz fight: “He’s pushing 40, let’s act accordingly”

Michael Bisping has suggested that Nate Diaz should consider retiring from street fighting following his most recent altercation with Rodney Petersen in New Orleans. The altercation resulted in Petersen issuing threats of bodily harm and a subsequent warrant being issued for Diaz’s arrest on charges of second-degree battery.

Diaz is claiming self-defense, he faces up to eight years in prison and a $2,000 fine if convicted. Despite being known for his street fighting skills, Diaz may want to consider his age, almost 40 years old, and the potential dangers he faces when engaging in these kinds of brawls.

Bisping views Diaz’s actions as tiring and unnecessary, especially as he has had a successful career and earned quite a bit of money. Bisping warned that although Diaz got lucky in this instance, things could have been a lot worse for him. Bisping expressed concern that Diaz should be aware of individuals carrying weapons and the potential for more harm to come his way.

Bisping has personal experience with the dangers of street fighting, as he served time in prison for his involvement in a similar brawl years ago. Consequently, Bisping’s advice to Diaz is to be more responsible and consider retiring from street fighting altogether.

Diaz is often associated with street fighting, and while it may offer great publicity, it is increasingly becoming a source of constant altercations and legal trouble.


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