BKFC 41 face-to-face encounter between Luke Rockhold and Mike Perry turns intense as they exchange heated words, including “you’re the booger man now!”

In the upcoming BKFC 41, the atmosphere between Luke Rockhold and Mike Perry is tense. The match will be held at the 1stBank Center in Broomfield, Colo., where Rockhold will make his debut as a bare-knuckle boxer after a decade in the UFC. Perry transitioned to the pugilistic side of the game and already has a 2-0 BKFC record.

Rockhold and Perry swore to test each other’s limits, Rockhold was confident that he has something surprising Rockhold claimed that no one has seen him isolated in this new sport and how he moves, leaving Perry unaware of his unpredictable behavior. In contrast, Perry emphasized his testing of Rockhold’s chin and adding another knockout to his record that Rockhold took issue with.

Rockhold exited the UFC with a string of losses, three of which ended in brutal knockouts. But when Perry threw names, Rockhold corrected him and stated his determination to keep moving forward, stating that he would be throwing no matter what happens.

Although Rockhold has a much more impressive MMA record, Perry is a near 2-to-1 favorite on some sportsbooks, which Rockhold is harnessing to prove his doubters wrong. Perry may believe that he’s going to come back with a piece of Rockhold, but Rockhold was determined to show him what he’s got.


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