Carl Frampton expressed disappointment in Ryan Garcia’s body shot knockout loss, stating that he believes Garcia gave up

Former two-division boxing champion and current analyst, Carl Frampton, expressed disappointment in Ryan Garcia’s approach to the fight against Gervonta Davis, resulting in his first loss via seventh-round knockout. Frampton believed Garcia could have continued, stating that when taking a severe body shot, one is involuntarily lying on the floor in excruciating pain.

Frampton thought Garcia’s conscious decision to stay on his knee looking at the referee and quitting when he was able to continue, showed him quitting. Though Garcia has only been dropped twice in his career, with one of those knockdowns occurring in the second round against Davis, Frampton sympathized with the pre-fight agreement that Davis’ team demanded for Garcia to weigh in again on fight day to ensure he wasn’t over the 136-pound weight limit.

Frampton thinks the rehydration clause shouldn’t have any place in boxing, and believes it’s unfair to bring the fighter down to a weight that they haven’t recently competed at. Frampton wondered if the loss would affect Garcia’s image going forward, given that people who quit when they could have continued is a hard image to shake.


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