Jared Gordon found Paddy Pimblett’s remarks amusing while he was in the hospital

Jared Gordon expressed a preference for a rematch with Bobby Green over Paddy Pimblett. Although he lost a controversial decision to Pimblett before a no-contest with Green, Gordon believes that Green is the better fighter. Besides, Pimblett’s recent ankle surgery leaves questions about his readiness for a rematch, and Gordon is eager to continue fighting rather than go backward.

Nevertheless, Gordon is still interested in avenging his loss to Pimblett, but he thinks it won’t happen unless they both remain on the winning track and get a platform for a pay-per-view event. While Pimblett is recovering from his ankle injury, Gordon is eager to keep fighting and stay active.

Gordon found it amusing when Pimblett called him a “bum” after their last fight and said he wouldn’t be able to beat him on his worst day. Gordon believes that Pimblett is salty because he keeps talking about him from his hospital room after his recent surgery. This, in Gordon’s view, is evidence that he is living rent-free in Pimblett’s head.

Gordon also disputes Pimblett’s claim of beating him on his worst day since he went into the fight already injured from previous fights. Despite his reservations about a rematch, Gordon is still interested in avenging his loss to Pimblett if the right opportunity arises.

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