Crafting fight predictions for the BKFC 41 showdown between Perry and Rockhold via an exclusive roundtable discussion

Saturday night at BKFC 41, Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold will fight in a five-round bare-knuckle boxing grudge match at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colo. Alongside a card littered with familiar UFC names, MMA Fighting’s Shaun Al-Shatti, Steven Marrocco, and Jed Meshew predict the winners of BKFC 41’s four most compelling pay-per-view bouts.

Al-Shatti believes Perry is more well-suited than any other fighter in MMA for bare-knuckle boxing and gives Perry a late knockout victory against Rockhold. Marrocco states that Rockhold’s biggest weapons are his kicks and grappling, but since those are unavailable, it would be challenging for him to make useful adjustments in two months.

Marrocco predicts that Perry will land an early knockout or a bloody decision. Meshew notes that Perry has passed forward thanks to his toughness and that he will win against Rockhold via knockout. Al-Shatti asserts that Eddie Alvarez has better striking ability and size over Chad Mendes.

Marrocco predicts that Alvarez will struggle early but recover and then lose on points. Meshew predicts Mendes will win with a back-and-forth scrap. In reference to Christine Ferea versus Bec Rawlings, Meshew wonders why Rawlings is getting this chance and then predicts that Ferea will beat her since her strengths are better suited to bare-knuckle boxing than they were to MMA.

Al-Shatti also forecasts that Ferea will preserve her flyweight champ title via unanimous decision over Rawlings. Marrocco notes that Bec Rawlings is a former champ, and a BKFC evangelist, therefore she’s getting this chance, and she’ll put up a vehement fight before losing on points to the champ.

In regards to the match between Ben Rothwell and Josh Copeland, Marrocco believes that Rothwell will play the outer game and sweetly win with a decision. Meshew predicts that Rothwell will win since he has performed better, and Al-Shatti predicts that Rothwell will win via a Hulk smash since he is the most terrifying MMA convert they’ve seen in the BKFC ring.


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