Marcos Rogerio de Lima eyes Derrick Lewis for next UFC fight, promises a more competitive bout than Ngannou embarrassment

UFC fighter Marcos Rogerio de Lima is gearing up for his upcoming fight against Waldo Cortes-Acosta this Saturday and has already set his sights on a future opponent. Currently, de Lima plans to take on two-time UFC title challenger Derrick Lewis after securing a win against Cortes-Acosta. De Lima believes that a fight between himself and Lewis would be perfect for UFC fans and assured that they wouldn’t be disappointed.

De Lima’s confidence is high as he has been working hard to improve and hone his skills. He trusts that, by winning his fight against Cortes-Acosta, he will prove that he belongs in the top 15 fighters and earn the opportunity to face Lewis in the future.

Speaking on his strategy, de Lima shared that he plans to be quick and aggressive in all aspects of the fight. He is confident in his diverse skill-set, including his takedowns, striking, and jiu-jitsu. And while he acknowledges that there are things he can’t control, he plans to focus on giving his best performance and capitalize on any mistakes his opponent makes.

Cortes-Acosta, de Lima’s current opponent, is an undefeated fighter who previously won the LFA heavyweight title before joining UFC. De Lima has noted that while Cortes-Acosta is a skilled boxer, he sees openings in his grappling and stand-up game, making him confident in his ability to win the fight.

Overall, Marcos Rogerio de Lima is focused on winning his upcoming fight and setting himself up for a future headlining bout against Derrick Lewis. His confidence and dedication to improvement position him as a fierce contender in the UFC heavyweight division.


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