Vieira prepared for unforeseen events to stay ahead of Cody Brundage at UFC Vegas 72

Rodolfo Vieira is an accomplished Jiu-Jitsu fighter, winning five world titles and one ADCC gold medal before transitioning to MMA. However, his time in the UFC has taught him that he cannot ignore unexpected challenges. After injuring his ribs during a grappling session, Vieira’s matchup against Cody Brundage was postponed from November 2022. Vieira has recognized the lesson in this experience, declaring the session to have been unnecessary.

Additionally, Vieira’s 2021 loss to Anthony Hernandez at UFC 258 was a valuable lesson for him to not overlook his opponents’ grappling skills. This is important as Brundage also boasts a solid grappling record with three submission finishes in his MMA career. Vieira emphasized that he has prepared for this fight by training in takedown defense, guarding positions, and defending his back. Even though he used to tire quickly, Vieira has trained for the likelihood that Brundage will take him down.

Vieira’s striking coach has analyzed Brundage’s game and found that while he may not excel in anything, he is unpredictable and a tough opponent. Vieira is taking this opponent very seriously, noting that there are opportunities to threaten Brundage with back exposure.

Vieira is ready for anything and is looking forward to scoring his first win in nearly two years. While he cannot predict the outcome, he is planning to give his best effort to secure the win in under 10 minutes.

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