Ben Rothwell dominates Josh Copeland at BKFC 41, victory secured after corner throws in the towel

Ben Rothwell showcased his prowess and resilience as he clinched his second consecutive win in a bare-knuckle contest, beating Josh Copeland in an action-packed bout at BKFC 41. The erstwhile UFC veteran, this time around, faced tougher opposition in the form of Copeland, who kept Rothwell on his toes from the first whistle, launching a series of powerful punches, especially in the opening round, before Rothwell bounced back to turn the tables on him in the following rounds.

Rothwell’s relentless wave of punches to the head and torso opened several cuts on Copeland’s face, leaving him completely drained and visibly struggling to keep up. At the end of the third round, Copeland’s coaches decided to pull the plug and allow Rothwell to move to 2-0 in the BKFC ring.

An animated Rothwell addressed the crowd, enquiring if they enjoyed the thrilling fight before taking a shot at Denver’s altitude. With his victory gloriously claimed, Rothwell acknowledged the challenge that Copeland posed, dishing out a performance that epitomized a true champion.

En route to his victory, Rothwell was met with initial resistance from his opponent, as Copeland mercilessly landed a huge overhand right punch that opened up an unsightly gash under Rothwell’s eye. Copeland never let up, frequently seeking to close the distance between them so as to eliminate Rothwell’s strength and reach advantage, while firing shots at will.

Rothwell, for his part, shoved back with a demonstration of his great power, trading punches in the exchanges. However, it was a short yet devastating right hook that finally landed on Copeland’s jaw, sending him down to the canvas. He promptly rose to his feet, but it did not deter Rothwell, who kept up his assault with a flurry of uppercuts and body shots, giving Copeland a torrid time. It wasn’t for lack of trying, but Copeland was wading through quicksand, and Rothwell’s punches started to take a serious toll on him.

Frustrated and worn out, Copeland’s corner finally threw in the towel, acknowledging Rothwell’s superiority, even as he urged current BKFC heavyweight champion, Alan Belcher, to accept the challenge of facing him for the world BKFC title.


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