Christine Ferea emerges victorious after Bec Rawlings suffers a severe eye injury, prompting the doctor to stop the fight in BKFC 41

Christine Ferea retained her flyweight championship at BKFC 41, although she may have preferred a more definitive victory. In the opening round, Ferea landed a devastating blow that caused a severe gash to open over Bec Rawlings’ eye. Despite the doctor’s concern, Rawlings was allowed to continue. However, when the doctor re-examined the injury at the end of the second round, the fight was halted, much to Rawlings’ chagrin.

Ferea knew she would face a tough opponent, stating confidently “I expected a tough girl, a girl that was going to be tough to put down.” She demonstrated her strength early on, throwing powerful jabs and following up with strong shots in the first round.

Rawlings was soon bloodied and battered, the result of Ferea’s decisive blow. Although examined by the doctor, Rawlings persevered and challenged Ferea, unleashing a series of ferocious punches.

As the fight continued, both fighters engaged in intense exchanges, looking for the knockout. However, when the bell rang signaling the end of the second round, Rawlings was examined again and the fight was called off. Disappointed, she hugged Ferea in the center of the ring.

The way the fight ended leaves open the possibility of a rematch, but for now, Ferea can celebrate her hard-won victory and her second successful defense of the flyweight title.


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