Mike Perry maintains his undefeated streak in bare-knuckle fights by defeating Luke Rockhold in BKFC 41’s headlining match

Mike Perry’s impeccable performance in his third BKFC appearance proved that he was meant to be in the bare-knuckle fighting world. Despite having a challenging fight against Luke Rockhold, Perry managed to attack him and ultimately win by pouring on a series of punishing body shots. Although Rockhold claimed that he had a broken jaw, which paused the game, Perry was declared the winner at the end of the second round, earning his biggest career win yet.

After the fight, Perry expressed his desire for a friendly faceoff with UFC superstar Conor McGregor, who was present during the game in Denver. Perry also asked his former opponent Donald Cerrone to give him his arm back and invited Cerrone for a match before challenging McGregor, stating that he would defeat Cerrone and then proceed to win against McGregor.

Perry’s signature aggressive style was visible during the game as he pushed forward while Rockhold used his reach advantage. A straight left hand by Rockhold put Perry on rubber legs for a moment, but Perry quickly recovered, popping Rockhold in the mush and wobbling him before the end of the first round.

During the second round, Perry continued his assault, punishing Rockhold with thudding body punches. The game ended in the second round with Rockhold indicating that he could no longer continue due to something being wrong with his mouth.

Although it was not the jaw-dropping knockout Perry wanted, his performance was enough to win the game and prove his star power in BKFC. Perry’s victory in this game will likely earn him another tough opponent and potentially a title fight in the near future.


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