MMA fighter Jim Wallhead announces retirement with emotional breakdown during UFC and Bellator career

After an impressive career spanning almost two decades, Jim Wallhead, also known as “Judo” Jim Wallhead, is bidding adieu to the world of mixed martial arts. A veteran of the UFC and Bellator, Wallhead couldn’t hold back his tears as he announced his retirement in the cage following an unfortunate loss against Rhys McKee at Cage Warriors 153 on Saturday. The 39-year-old fighter, who is a multi-time champion in England, is finally looking to spend quality time with his family.

Wallhead’s retirement announcement was made to Dan Hardy, his longtime teammate and training partner, who was also calling the fights that evening. It was an understandably emotional moment for Wallhead, who has had bouts across several major promotions during his extensive career.

Wallhead initially took up judo by accident, thinking that he had signed up for a karate class. He went on to become a multi-time champion in his home country before transitioning into MMA.

The fighter took on a long list of top regional talent along the way, eventually landing himself in Bellator in 2010. He eventually made his way to the UFC, however, he only had two fights before leaving the organization following back-to-back losses to Luan Chagas and Jessin Ayari between 2016 and 2017.

During his illustrious career, Wallhead went on to achieve a plethora of impressive wins, including victories over Frank Trigg, Joey Villasenor, and Matt Veach, to name a few. The legendary fighter bows out with a 33-12 record overall.


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