Eddie Alvarez talks about his BKFC 41 experience with Conor McGregor, and believes McGregor will flourish in bare-knuckle fighting

Former UFC champion Eddie Alvarez was pleased to have shared a moment with Conor McGregor this weekend at BKFC 41. Making his bare-knuckle boxing debut at the co-main event, Alvarez won a hard-fought split decision against Chad Mendes in a highly anticipated fight.

McGregor was present at the event and enjoyed himself so much that he even shouted some advice to Alvarez during the match. In response to McGregor’s advice, Alvarez landed an uppercut which earned him the victory and recognition from McGregor, producing a viral clip from the event.

Alvarez explained the significance of the incident. Emphasising the importance of being in the zone, he explained that he and his teammates often receive codes shouted from coach Mark Henry during fights. When the codes work, Alvarez praises his coach for the call.

Significantly, McGregor shouted an uppercut during the fight, which Alvarez recognised Chad Mendes hitching before. Landing the uppercut, Alvarez was happy to acknowledge McGregor for his advice, saying “he recognised it, I recognised it, and I think that was that.”

McGregor, who has history with both Alvarez and Mendes, beating them in previous UFC fights, shouted tips to both fighters throughout the event. Alvarez claimed that McGregor did not show any bias and that he simply wished to see good fights while recognising things that were going wrong.

Despite McGregor’s successful career, which included winning numerous titles, Alvarez expressed his support and admiration for his former opponent, respecting the difficulty of the sport and how much it demands of fighters.

McGregor, who jumped into the ring after the main event for a friendly faceoff with Mike Perry, has hinted that he may enter the world of bare-knuckle boxing in the future. Alvarez thinks that McGregor’s phenomenal boxing skills, coupled with his intelligence and team, would mean he could do well in the sport.

Alvarez did, however, warn that the clinch is more rough and ready in this sport, and therefore, it’s not always the cleaner boxer who wins. When McGregor’s contract with the UFC ends, Alvarez would happily take the opportunity to fight him again and avenge the worst loss of his career.


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