Mike Perry reveals the consequences of fracturing Luke Rockhold’s teeth with a punch during BKFC 41

Mike Perry’s impressive performance at BKFC 41 has earned him the need for antibiotics, but the extent of his damage to opponent Luke Rockhold was even greater. Perry left Rockhold with shattered front teeth, and even felt them break on his knuckles in the moment it happened. Perry’s success in the sport can be attributed to his ability to cause significant damage, with Rockhold no exception to this.

Perry believes his win shows that he and bare-knuckle boxing are a perfect match, and showed off his knuckle, which required extra treatment to prevent infection, as evidence of his abilities. Despite causing significant damage to Rockhold, Perry acknowledged that he also took some hits, but he was ultimately able to knock out his opponent and retire him from the sport.

Perry claims that those who criticized Rockhold for quitting the fight early were unable to keep up with the significant damage he had already inflicted. Perry himself has endured significant damage in his career, including a badly disfigured nose, but he embraces the physical nature of the sport and the memories he’s making. Perry’s goal is to continue making similar memories in the bare-knuckle ring, as the sport allows him to really showcase his skills and power.


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