Eddie Alvarez defends his wife’s notorious shouting during his fights and dismisses any criticism

Eddie Alvarez is unapologetic about his wife, Jamie Alvarez. She is a devoted and loving wife to the MMA legend, and her presence is always felt in the arena during his fights. Jamie is known for her constant yelling of “EDDIE!” throughout the fight, which has become a meme in the MMA community. Jamie was once again in attendance for her husband’s bare-knuckle fight with Chad Mendes at BKFC 41, where she supported him in her signature way.

In response to the jokes made about his wife’s screaming, Eddie addressed the issue. He laughed and stated that Jamie is his partner for life, and that anyone who has a problem with her yelling. He explained that they met when they were 15 years old and have four children together, so she genuinely feels his pain and supports him the best way she knows how.

During Alvarez’s fight with Mendes, Jamie was concerned as her husband took some hard hits from his opponent. Despite being dropped repeatedly, he was able to come through and win the fight through a split decision. Eddie stated that he felt the fifth round won him the fight, but he also confesses that Chad is a “beast” and that he would have been content with a draw.

In fact, Eddie says that winning is not his objective when he goes into a fight. Instead, he wants to fight like a tireless champion and have fans go “absolutely crazy.” While Eddie’s fights will always have fans who appreciate his intense fighting style, there will also always be Jamie in attendance cheering for her “ride or die.”


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