Dana White's response

Dana White’s response to Conor McGregor’s BKFC title while confronting Mike Perry

Conor McGregor unexpectedly entered the bare-knuckle boxing ring at BKFC 41, surprising UFC president Dana White and the MMA community. McGregor appeared at the event, was a vocal presence throughout the night, and even posed with a BKFC championship belt during his faceoff with Mike Perry.

White discussed the situation on a recent podcast, stating that McGregor simply got caught up in the moment and was having fun. He also mentioned McGregor drinking Proper 12 whiskey, implying that it may have played a role in his decision to enter the ring. Despite promoting a rival brand, White is not bothered by it and recognizes that McGregor has done a lot for the UFC and is entitled to have fun.

While McGregor spoke highly of BKFC and teased the idea of stepping into the bare-knuckle boxing ring for real one day, he currently has other commitments. He is set to co-coach on The Ultimate Fighter 31 alongside Michael Chandler, and the two are expected to fight sometime in 2023.

White mentioned that there is still no timetable for the fight and that McGregor is dealing with injuries from breaking his shin bone. However, he hopes to finalize a date soon, as McGregor was recently seen appearing to be in better shape.

In conclusion, McGregor’s cameo at BKFC 41 may have surprised some, but White is not bothered by it and recognizes McGregor’s contribution to the UFC. McGregor teased the idea of competing in bare-knuckle boxing in the future, but for now, he has other commitments, including coaching on The Ultimate Fighter and preparing for his eventual fight with Michael Chandler.


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