Roberto Satoshi

Roberto Satoshi desires a chance to attain RIZIN title and invites A.J. McKee for a rematch as he considers McKee’s previous win as dubious

Roberto Satoshi, the current RIZIN lightweight champion, has expressed his desire to fight A.J. McKee again in Japan, this time with his title on the line. McKee secured a decision win over Satoshi in the main event of the Bellator vs. RIZIN card, which took place on New Year’s Eve. However, Satoshi believes that offering a belt may encourage his opponent to agree to a rematch.

Satoshi, a jiu-jitsu specialist, believes that the forthcoming fight with Bellator veteran Spike Carlyle at RIZIN 42 will not cause him to feel as nervous as before, now that he has fought a tough opponent like McKee. However, he still wishes that his belt was on the line for the bout with Carlyle, as he feels that the title should be up for grabs whenever he fights.

Even though Carlyle has a record of 14-4 and has fought successfully for RIZIN in the past, Satoshi is not taking him lightly. He revealed that Carlyle has an unorthodox fighting style and can switch stances rapidly and throw unexpected kicks. Although Carlyle is known for his hand strikes, Satoshi believes that he will avoid grappling with him, a strength that Satoshi has honed across numerous fights.

Satoshi admits that his loss to McKee was a learning experience, but he feels there is appetite for a rematch since the win was scored on a questionable decision. The loss has motivated Satoshi to up his game and prove that he belongs in the ring against international fighters from Bellator and other MMA organizations.


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