Dana White comments on Kron Gracie

Dana White comments on Kron Gracie’s UFC 288, finding it reminiscent of the 90s era

Kron Gracie’s performance at the UFC 288 was lackluster, and his future with the promotion seems uncertain. The highly touted Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, who returned after a four-year hiatus, failed to impress against Charles Jourdain.

In standing exchanges, Gracie looked inept, and his offense relied on pulling guard to draw his opponent into grappling exchanges. Despite his repeated attempts to take the fight to the ground, Gracie struggled to execute any submissions or advance his position.

Jourdain’s defensive maneuvers prevented Gracie from attempting any submission moves, and his ability to scramble free from Gracie’s takedowns ensured he stayed on his feet. Gracie’s striking exchanges with Jourdain were equally poor, and he absorbed a lot of punishment without producing any positive results.

UFC President, Dana White, commented on Gracie’s performance, expressing disappointment and likening Gracie’s gameplan to that of his uncle Royce Gracie, who dominated early UFC cards with his BJJ skills.

After the fight, White was unsure about Gracie’s future with the promotion, and the fighter’s record, which includes a win on his octagon debut but two straight losses since then, indicates that his days in the UFC may be numbered. Despite his shortcomings, White commended Gracie’s heart and chin and expressed that he did not wish to disparage his performance.


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