Mike Perry recalls tense moment with Conor McGregor during BKFC 41 weigh-ins, sensing McGregor’s readiness to strike

At BKFC 41, Mike Perry found himself surrounded by an unexpected commotion, only to learn that Conor McGregor had appeared. With Perry as the favorite to beat Luke Rockhold, he saw this as an opportunity to capitalize on the moment. Despite struggling to focus initially, Perry found himself filled with confidence and believing that he had a divine helping hand from above.

Though McGregor’s contract with the UFC would have made it impossible for him to face Perry in the ring, the Irish star couldn’t resist the temptation of stepping into the ring to hoist a BKFC belt over his shoulder.

Perry has had significant beefs in the past, he chose to embrace this opportunity, avoiding any disrespectful confrontation and opting instead for a respectful, to-the-point promotion that made both fighters look good.

Perry has a lot of respect for McGregor and sees him as an exciting figure in the industry. While the two may be on different career tracks at the moment, Perry believes that anything is possible with the right promotion. McGregor has expressed interest in a future fight with Perry, stating that he’ll “never” retire when Perry joked about his future retirement.

Perry got the last word in that night and saw this as his opportunity to shine. He remained calm and united with McGregor in promoting the excitement and fun that their faceoff elicited while keeping things respectful and professional. Perry hopes to continue riding the wave of success from that night and would love to fight McGregor someday, should the stars align.


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