Aljamain Sterling claims that silencing Henry Cejudo was a good deed for the world

Aljamain Sterling is putting the past behind him when it comes to Henry Cejudo and his team, but he does have some advice for them on how to build hype for a fight. Sterling believes that opponents talking is one thing, but when their corners get involved it is another matter entirely.

Sterling stated that he gets more defensive and edgy when he sees opponents’ teammates mean-mugging and acting as if they are going to attack somebody on his team or even himself. This is not about them getting into his head but it is rather about the need for respect.

Sterling believes there is a right way and a wrong way to do things, and if Cejudo wants to be a clown and be the heel, let him do that, but there is no need for them to fight or get physical. Sterling and his team act professionally, stay calm and are respectful. They do not act like asshats and clowns and have respect for themselves and their team.

Cejudo’s coach, Eric Albarracin, is known for playing the hype man to his fighter and making predictions on the outcome of fights. Sterling believes that one day Albarracin’s hype might get him into trouble, so it is up to him to check his behavior.

Sterling thinks that Cejudo hoped to use his victory to springboard a move to the featherweight division, which would have made him the only UFC fighter to capture a title in three different weight classes. Sterling himself expects to move up to 145 pounds after taking on bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley.

Sterling holds no hard feelings towards Cejudo. He thinks he is an odd person, and some of the things he does are quirky and weird but funny. However, Sterling believes that when you sign the dotted line, it’s you or me, man.

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