Logan Paul extended financial assistance to Rodney Petersen’s potential legal action towards Nate Diaz’s likeness

Logan Paul reached out to his lookalike, Rodney Petersen, whose unconscious and bleeding body had been allegedly choked out by professional MMA fighter Nate Diaz. It was already known that Petersen had retained legal counsel and was in the process of suing Diaz, according to Paul.

Paul said on his Impaulsive, he thinks Petersen would be “walking away with a pretty healthy check”. However, Petersen declined to comment further due to pending legal action. A search for Petersen, Diaz, or Paul lookalike in Orleans Parish civil court returned no results.

The UFC star had turned himself in to New Orleans police on second degree battery charges. Paul said that he had reached out to Petersen, who required eight staples from injuries inflicted from being choked out by Diaz.

Paul clarified that while Petersen was not entirely blameless for approaching the fighter on Bourbon Street, the latter was in the wrong for his response. Thus, Paul offered to fund Petersen’s lawsuit against Diaz. The legal team Paul connected Petersen to has decided to take the case pro bono, according to Paul.

Petersen is a jiu-jitsu practitioner with an amateur MMA record of 0-6. In the video, he is seen approaching Diaz with his hands up before Diaz takes him by the neck and applies a chokehold. Diaz was issued a warrant by the police on suspicion of second-degree battery, which is a felony charge.

Diaz was quickly bonded out, and his legal team claimed he was innocent and that he was defending himself when the incident occurred. Paul commented that he had been in the running to fight Diaz before his younger brother, Jake Paul, was selected.

The elder Paul expressed his annoyance for having missed the chance to fight Diaz, who had choked out his lookalike on the street, calling the fighter a bully. However, he doesn’t think the court case will affect Jake Paul’s fight with Diaz on August 5th.

During a press conference for the Paul vs. Diaz fight, Diaz joked about choking out Logan Paul during the incident. When Logan’s younger brother asked whether Diaz thought he was choking out his sibling, Diaz played along, saying “It is Logan. What are you talking about? You guys saw what happened to Logan? Is he here? Shout-out to Logan. He’s going to be alright. You don’t just hit people out there.


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