Thiago Santos

Thiago Santos, Krzysztof Jotko, and two additional individuals test positive for banned substances during PFL 2023’s first half

According to reliable sources, multiple fighters have tested positive for banned substances during the first half of the PFL heavyweight and light heavyweight season, held in Las Vegas. Two of the fighters who have failed drug tests are Thiago Santos and Krzysztof Jotko.

These two fighters made their debut under the PFL banner in April and lost their respective matches against Will Fleury and Rob Wilkinson at PFL 1. Additionally, heavyweights Bruno Cappelozza and Rizvan Kuniev, who defeated Matheus Scheffel and Renan Ferreira at PFL 2, have also failed drug tests. The specific banned substances and the length of the suspensions have not been disclosed at this time.

As a consequence of these developments, the PFL has a difficult decision to make in addressing the ongoing participation of these fighters in the 2023 season. At the time of testing, Santos was scheduled to go up against Mohammad Fakhreddine in a bout slated for June 8, and Jotko was set to fight Ty Flores at the same event in Atlanta. However, it remains uncertain whether the PFL will take any further action with regard to the involvement of Cappelozza and Kuniev in future matches.

Such unfortunate incidents are a reminder of the importance of fair play and maintaining the spirit of competition. It is especially concerning to see such high-ranking fighters fall into this trap and jeopardize their careers and reputations.

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