At UFC Charlotte, Carlos Ulberg used a brutal punch to drop Ihor Potieria and then scored a TKO for the win

Carlos Ulberg put on a stunning display of power and form at UFC Charlotte when he threw a single shot that felled Ihor Potieria in the first round. In what was nothing short of impressive, Ulberg landed some incredible shots in the opening round to claim his fourth consecutive win in the UFC. Ulberg finish was timed to perfection, and when Potieria was pursuing him, Ulberg took a step back before delivering a sucker punch that landed in an ideal spot, sending Potieria to the floor.

Following the knockdown, Ulberg continued into a series of follow-up punches and strikes before walking away, leaving referee Keith Peterson no option but to terminate the fight in the first round. “I saw his head go down, his eyes roll back, and then I knew that he was done,” Ulberg said later of the decisive moment.

Potieria seemed to know what he was up against and reacted promptly by attempting an immediate takedown, recognizing that Ulberg had significant knock-out power. But Ulberg managed to evade his opponent’s wrestling moves quickly. From that vantage point, he positioned his punches with great skill, causing Potieria huge damage to the face.

It was the check left hook – a particular punch – that showed Ulberg’s resilience and power, clipping Potieria perfectly to begin the end of the fight. Since losing his debut match, Ulberg has gone from strength to strength, with four consecutive wins (including that fatal left hook) propelling him forward as he continues to make a name for himself in the light-heavyweight division.


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