Bellator champ Douglas Lima reveals exciting encounter with Michael B. Jordan and discusses training with Jonathan Majors for Creed 3

Douglas Lima recently had a taste of the Hollywood life, and it’s left him wanting more. The former Bellator welterweight champion recounts receiving a call from his coach, Roan Carneiro, last year. Michael B. Jordan had just finished filming “Creed 3” and needed a gym location to shoot training scenes with co-star Jonathan Majors. They decided Lima’s American Top Team gym in Atlanta was perfect and reached out.

Lima’s brother, retired UFC veteran Dhiego Lima, made a request to be included in the movie, which was accepted. The film premiered on March 3 and grossed $58.7 million in its opening week, breaking a sports film record.

Lima enjoyed the experience and hopes for more like it in the future. Despite training for two hours to film a five-second scene, he found it to be a cool and exhausting experience. Although he did not get to spar with Michael B. Jordan, he was able to trade punches with Majors and was impressed by his potential as a boxer.

Majors had been training in boxing for a year and was quite strong, but he would need to focus more on training before jumping into any professional bouts. In Lima’s opinion, Michael B. Jordan is the better boxer because of his experience in boxing movies.

Overall, Lima’s experience on the set of “Creed 3” was a positive one that has left him eager for more opportunities in the entertainment industry.


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