Cody Stamann will file an appeal for his UFC Charlotte defeat against Douglas Silva de Andrade, citing a referee error

Cody Stamann’s camp is set to file an appeal over his recent defeat to Douglas Silva de Andrade during the UFC Charlotte event. Jason House, Stamann’s team manager at Iridium Sports Agency, has confirmed that referee Wayne Spinola made an error in the opening round that contributed to the loss.

The bout began with a competitive exchange between the two fighters in the 140-pound catchweight match. Stamann was then able to execute a takedown which prompted Silva de Andrade to land an illegal upkick to Stamann’s face. This led to Spinola pausing the contest, but when it resumed, the fight was not recommenced on the ground as per the Unified Rules of MMA.

According to the rules, if a fighter on the bottom commits a foul and the fighter on top is not hurt, the contest shall proceed to avoid altering the superior positioning of the top fighter. In Stamann’s case, he lost the first round based on all three judges’ scorecards and eventually lost the fight with unanimous 29-28 scores, putting a stop to his suave two-fight winning streak.


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