Gegard Mousasi shares intention to pursue Bellator championship “once more” prior to retiring

Gegard Mousasi, a veteran fighter, has a realistic approach towards his next fight at Bellator 296, knowing that he can’t fight forever. The two-time Bellator middleweight champion will face Fabian Edwards in the main event, with the winner likely contending for the 185-pound king, Johnny Eblen.

Mousasi hopes to earn a rematch with Eblen by winning his upcoming fight against Edwards, but he is aware that it will also serve as his last chance to chase the gold before retirement. Mousasi, who is 37 years old and has been in combat sports for 20 years, understands that his body has faced wear and tear and that it is getting harder to stay healthy during training camps.

Mousasi explained that he had undergone surgery due to severe numbness in his hand after his last fight, but the problem persisted. Therefore, he emphasizes the importance of getting regular treatment on his neck to prevent the same problem from occurring again.

Mousasi acknowledges that age catches up to everyone, but particularly for fighters who punish their bodies on almost a daily basis. He finds training harder, dealing with injuries more challenging, and everything more difficult than it was before. He admits that there is no fun in it but that his goal is to win the belt one more time, give it his all, and analyze the outcome to determine his path forward.

Mousasi anticipates becoming a champion again but realizes that he cannot overstay his welcome. He is aware that his performance against Edwards and a potential rematch with Eblen will dictate how much longer he has left in the sport. Mousasi plans to go and perform at his best, win dominantly, and excite the audience to anticipate the title fight.

In conclusion, Mousasi recognizes that the end of his fighting career is approaching soon and that his upcoming fight against Edwards might be his last chance to chase the gold. However, Mousasi still loves his job and hopes to become a champion again. He acknowledges that age catches up to everyone and plans to perform his best in his upcoming fight to determine his path forward.


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